Facebook Shop Setup

For creating your Facebook storefront, you will need to register, connect your store to Facebook and
publish the desired products. The following steps will guide you through the process.

Create Account

Create an account for Your store in our system. For that we need You to input account data, a desired name for Your shop and make the payment.

Choose Platform and connect your store to Facebook

Choose the platform of Your e-commerce store. At the moment we’re serving Magento and Afterbuy e-stores.

Connect store to Facebook

If You are using a Magento online store, in order to connect it to Facebook, You need to install the “shopidoo” extension on your Magento. The extension* can be found on this step‘s interface.

If You are using an Afterbuy online store, in order to connect it to Facebook, You just need to provide the store credentials on this step.

Store connected – customize Your store

Once your store is successfully connected, you can upload the store logos and publish products to your facebook store - click on “Publish” to continue.

Publish products in Facebook Store

After registering the store, select which products from inventory you wish to have in your Facebook storefront. You can publish either the whole product category or select products inside any category.

After finishing publishing products, click „Next“ to submit the store setup request.

Our team will feedback you upon Facebook Store launch with a notification email and Store URL.